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    What to Expect

    Firstly, the North is finally stepping into the spotlight. The growth of our northern regions is unparalleled to the South. Thus, we can be confident this will continue into 2022, especially with the large-scale regeneration projects being spread across the Northern Powerhouses.

    Secondly, the increasing desirability of commuter towns will not diminish anytime soon. As many of us adopt a work-from-home/hybrid working system, commuter towns are a fantastic alternative to the city centre. Especially as prices continue to inflate in cities including, Leeds, Manchester and London. Therefore, many tenants will want to access much cheaper alternatives, such as renting a property in a more affordable market.

    Finally, we can be sure going into 2022 that property investment is an extremely safe and secure asset. Even throughout the chaotic and turbulent year and in the face of adversity, house prices continue to rise. History has continued to show us that the longer you can hold onto your property, the more it will increase in price.

    Here at CityRise, we have helped so many of our clients achieve financial stability. Property investment continues to be a secure and lucrative asset. We hope to help many more of you achieve your property investment dreams in 2022.  

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