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    • 751,500

      Leeds population (2011)
    • 812,000

      Leeds population (2021)
    • 8.0%

      Leeds YoY growth rate

    9-minute train to Leeds


    Most looking to migrate to the city prefer the likes of market towns near Leeds. These offer a quieter alternative to the bustling centre, while providing all the necessary amenities within walking distance.

    Morley is certainly one market town that ticks those boxes, along with the bonus of its community spirit. Listed in the top 10 best places to live in Leeds, houses for rent in Morley are in high demand, often being snapped up within 24 hours.

    This once isolated village in Leeds is now the largest town in the borough (after Leeds itself) and is quickly becoming an investment hotspot. Morley is proving a popular choice for young professionals who look for the best commuter towns for Leeds. But they are more drawn to its sense of neighbourhood and identity.

    As for connectivity, Morley is one of the best areas in Leeds for commuting. It offers its own train station, a 10-minute drive down the M621, and direct buses from Leeds to Morley. With the earliest Morley to Leeds train at 5:45am and the latest Leeds to Morley train at midnight, flexibility of travel is always on the table for train commuters. The journey itself only takes 9 minutes and will soon be shorter due to Morley’s upgraded train station opening in Summer 2023.

    • 33,108

      Morley population (2011)
    • 35,730

      Morley population (2021)
    • 0.77%

      Morley YoY growth rate

    2 miles from the city centre


    When looking for where to live in Leeds, Headingley is a firm favourite – and is even named ‘number one’ out of Leeds’ suburbs. This town has a UK-wide status as the home of Headingley Stadium and the student hotspot. Headingley is one of the best areas in Leeds for students, due to its commutable distance and more affordable accommodation.

    Getting to the city centre is hassle-free, with fast connections by either road or rail. These connections are sure to further improve as the Leeds train station regeneration continues towards completion. There is a Leeds to Headingley bus that comes every 7 minutes. This alone makes Headingley a superb suburb for anyone wanting to live a little outside of the city centre, but near enough that the commute to Leeds is a short one.

    20-minute walk to the city centre


    When looking for the best area close to Leeds’ centre, you cannot get closer than Saxton. East of the city centre, residents can expect just a 20-minute walk to the heart of the city and the train station, with links to the rest of the North West and beyond.

    Redevelopment is constantly on the horizon for Saxton, like the recently arranged eight-acre apartment building. The build of 1,350 build-to-rent homes and two office buildings is estimated to take five years. This upcoming development will undoubtedly accelerate the South Bank regeneration scheme, heightening the value and desire for the area.

    This continuous transformation has massively increased Saxton’s appeal, making it one of the best areas to live in Leeds. It presents the perfect investment opportunity, allowing investors to find great value in property while the area still undergoes regeneration.

    14-minute drive to the city centre


    Meanwood, is another one of Leeds’ suburbs that serves as a great opportunity for investors. This former village has undergone significant renovation while retaining its village feel. Home to several eateries, shops, and bars as well as schools, Meanwood is a great option for families and young professionals alike.

    Meanwood is not just described as one of the best places in Leeds, but as one of the ‘coolest’ neighbourhoods in all of Britain. Meanwood’s local art scheme and collection of popular bars draw in the recently graduated to settle somewhere both enjoyable and close to the city. This alone makes Meanwood a prime place for property investment, especially as it continues to grow in popularity and creativity.

    Green Space

    10-minute bus to the city centre

    Chapel Allerton

    Packed full of independent shops, restaurants, and bars, Chapel Allerton is the ideal location for young professionals. These award-winning independent stores are what retain the neighbourhood’s village-feel, despite being situated so closely to Leeds City Centre. A short ten-minute bus ride is all it takes to reach the heart of Leeds.

    Chapel Allerton is home to independent art spaces celebrating the appreciation of film, theatre, and spoken word. Due to this and being near Roundhay Park, people see Chapel Allterton as one of the best places in Leeds.

    No doubt, Chapel Allerton is bursting with culture – especially in the arts – and in such a convenient location. Consequently, house prices here are some of the highest in the city but offer enormous capital growth potential.

    11 minutes from the city centre


    Kirkstall is proving to be one of the best areas to live in Leeds for students, young professionals, and families.

    Sitting within several bus routes and two train lines, Kirkstall offers convenient access to the rest of Leeds and the likes of Ilkley, Knaresborough, and Harrogate. But it is not just its ideal location and connectivity that makes Kirkstall shine. From the town’s cherished Kirkstall Abbey to the scenic canal route – is it any wonder why people move here?

    Kirkstall properties benefit from relatively low pricing and high capital growth. Both of which are likely to increase as the area’s demand grows. Due to this and the ideal location, houses in the area are ideal for buy-to-let property investments.

    • 21,709

      Kirkstall population (2011)
    • 22,343

      Kirkstall population (2021)
    • 0.24%

      Kirkstall YoY growth rate

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