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    Hull City Centre

    Compared to other cities, Hull City Centre offers much more affordable properties than its outskirts. Properties here are in fact more than £30k less than the city’s average. However, with many regeneration projects improving Hull’s public realm and the reputation of the area, plus the growing desirability for living in the likes of the Fruit Market and Old Town, the value of HU1 postcodes is increasing and will likely continue its trajectory.

    Not many UK cities can account for having more affordable housing in the city centres, but Hull certainly can. With the growing desirability and perception of the city coupled with its lower-than-average property prices, rental demand for Hull City Centre from university students and young professionals continues to grow. But, if preferring towns and suburbs to city-living, where are the best places to live in Hull?

    Best Areas in Hull For Commuting

    30-minute walk to the city centre

    Victoria Dock

    Victoria Dock is one of the best places to live in Hull, mainly due to its desirable housing and proximity to the city centre. Due to this, houses for sale on Victoria Dock Hull reach an average of £170,879 compared to Hull’s £164,997 average. But demand remains high despite this.

    Necessities, leisure, and scenic views are all on Victoria Dock’s doorstep. Hull City Centre is just a 30-minute walk away or a 7-minute drive, offering everything residents could need. Part of the Trans Pennine Trail sits on its shore, too, for picturesque walks.

    11-minute drive to the city centre


    Once a hamlet “beyond the modern boundary” of the city, Stoneferry sits on the East bank of the River Hull and owns a rich history. This small suburb offers a large retail hub and commutes to Hull City Centre in an 11-minute drive or 30-minute bus. Property prices in Stoneferry see an average of £159,491 against the city’s standard. Due to more affordable prices and a short distance from the city centre, Stoneferry is one of the best places to live in Hull.

    Stoneferry is home to one of Hull’s major arterial routes. The Stoneferry Road Corridor carries thousands of vehicles every day and connects them between Leeds, York, and further North. It recently underwent significant improvements to reduce the average journey time by 15% or more during peak hours. This regeneration aims to improve air quality and encourage walking and cycling thanks to 5.6km of refurbished cycle paths and new crossings.

    14-minute drive to the city centre

    Sutton on Hull

    Like Victoria Dock, Sutton on Hull is a highly desirable area. As an ancient and attractive part of the city, houses for sale in Sutton on Hull reach £170,139 on average. While a small suburb, often labelled as a village, Sutton on Hull is seen as one of the best places to live in Hull. This is for its close-knit community and the iconic row of popular shops, the village church, the local museum, and chocolate box houses.

    Sutton on Hull offers all residents could need. While just minutes away from supermarkets and Hull City Centre, Sutton on Hull remains a small village in setting and spirit. This ‘quaint world away’ is only a 14-minute drive from the bustling city centre and is often seen as a historic treasure of Hull.

    12-minute drive to the city centre


    Bransholme is known as one of the closest communities in Hull, just 12 minutes North of Hull City Centre. The countryside is on Bransholme’s doorstep, offering fantastic scenic views and proximity to Noddle Hill Way Nature Reserve.

    Due to regeneration projects and community spirit, Bransholme has become one of the best places to live in Hull. In 2016, Bransholme saw an £18.5 million investment to build the first new homes in the area for forty years. Because of this and many houses seeing renovations over the last decade, demand for property and its value are increasing. Houses for sale in Bransholme Hull saw average prices of £144,538 over the last year. While still lower than the city’s overall average, this price will continue to rise as more housing refurbishments are concluded.

    16-minute drive to the city centre


    Kingswood, also known as Kingswood Park, is known for its family-focused community and value-for-money properties. Types of housing range from one-bedroom apartments and semi-detached houses to three-storey homes and luxury five-bedroom properties. For this reason, houses for sale in Kingswood Hull have average prices of £183,733.

    Kingswood is quickly becoming a highly sought-after part of the city for its variety, housing value, and retail park. Keeping everything residents could need in one shopping destination helps make Kingswood one of the best places to live in Hull. However, if Hull City Centre is desired, it is only a 16-minute drive to its heart.

    So, not only is Kingswood a fantastic location for housing and its spirit, but it is also growing in demand for its ideal commutable distance from the city centre. Its desirability is increasing so much that its population rose from 836 in 2001 to 4,213 in 2011 then to 9,904 in 2021. This is an impressive increase of 8.9%.

    18-minute drive to the city centre

    Anlaby Park and Willerby

    Anlaby, particularly Anlaby Park, is seen as one of the best places to live in Hull. Houses for sale in Anlaby see an average of £273,000, which is more than double the prices in the city centre. This suburb sees such demand due to its desirable housing, own retail park, and connections. Whether a direct 18-minute route West into the heart of the city or Southern connections via the infamous Humber Bridge.

    Willerby offers similar benefits to its neighbour, Anlaby, but is seen more for its holiday homes. Willerby is home to the UK’s biggest caravan manufacturer and is a destination for holiday-goers, whether using these short-term rentals to see the city or nearby countryside and reserves.

    Both Anlaby and Willerby sit on the Eastern border of Hull and act as a gateway from Humber Bridge. Many commuters pass this way to reach the city centre and, while the more expensive area of Hull compared to the others listed here, demand is ever-rising and its property market with it.

    Intrigued by what Hull has to offer?

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