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    • HS2 Train

    • 400m Long

    • 1100 Passengers


    Birmingham, Curzon Street Station is at the heart of this once-in-a-century project. The scheme will provide a catalyst to upgrade neglected areas of the city, revitalising several hidden corners of Birmingham. The economic growth of the city centre regeneration will have a knock-on effect on the suburban areas of the city. Therefore, if you want to maximise the returns on investment, perhaps you should consider investing in property.

    As it stands, investors can purchase a property in Birmingham or the surrounding areas, including suburban areas or commuter towns, for a reasonable price. Over the years, as HS2 comes to fruition, property prices in the area will grow as the city becomes increasingly desirable to live and work in. It is predicted the prices will spike as more people flock to the area, driving housing demand. Therefore, those who are wise enough to invest now will gain instant equity on the property, especially as the HS2 is still in Phase One of its Masterplan.

    • HS2 Line

    • Phase One

      2015 - 2028
    • Phase Two

      2029 - 2037

    Full Speed Ahead

    Travel Times Slashed

    The transformational, high-speed, national rail aims to unite the country. The rail line will augment connectivity from the Capital to the North-West, strengthening accessibility to the biggest cities in the UK. This network upgrade will dilute the need for businesses to centralise in London or other Southern regions.

    These stronger connections will encourage companies to adopt office spaces in the North and the Midlands. As HS2 crosses through Phase One, many businesses have relocated to the North and the Midlands. The HS2 will bring Birmingham within an hour’s commute of Manchester and London. The reduced travel times will entice job seekers further afield, widening the pool of potential tenants.

    Iconic | Smart | Sustainable

    Modern Masterpiece

    Birmingham will soon welcome its first brand-new station in over a century. Birmingham Curzon Street Station will be an iconic building, dramatically metamorphosing the landscape. It will stand as one of the most eco-friendly train stations in the world. A sustainable design must be considered with any new build going forward to help tackle the climate crisis. For this reason, the innovative station will be net zero in operation.

    The structure is inspired by the grand arched roofs originally built by Victorian railway pioneers. The station will feature an environmentally friendly design constructed with sustainable technologies. To create a sense of grandeur in the station, it will feature an open-plan arrangement with minimal or no internal pillars.

    The revolutionary station design will maximise the use of natural resources such as water and sunlight. Birmingham Curzon Street Station will capture rainwater and hold over 2800m2 of solar panels. HS2 aims to meet the requirements to reach a BREEAM Excellent standard. A high BREEAM standard highlights the buildings’ purpose, to reduce energy usage and waste materials with minimal environmental impact. The sustainable design of the station will also include 256 spaces for bicycles, and an additional 300 bike spaces will be available in the future if required. As part of the Birmingham Cycle Revolution scheme, cycle routes will also improve.

    Birmingham Curzon Street Station Inside

    Curzon Street Station

    Heart of the City

    Curzon Street Station is at the core of the HS2 rail network, and the strategic location will benefit the city immensely. Furthermore, trains will run per hour to and from the station, enhancing connectivity. To maximise the potential of the HS2, the station will have 360o access, with exits facing the city centre, Eastside and Digbeth. The 19th-century station will be unrecognisable, but not everything will have a contemporary feel (great news for history lovers). 

    Birmingham is home to fascinating architectural history, and its rich cultural heritage will be carried into the future. Curzon Street Station is a modern masterpiece paying homage to its past. The Old Curzon Street building, which is Grade I listed, will be merged into the HS2 plans.

    Whilst creating a new network for the future, over 70 archaeologists are unveiling the past. The archaeologists have uncovered the world’s oldest railway roundhouse, which was in operation in 1837!

    “HS2 is offering us the opportunity to unearth 1,000’s years of British history along the route and learn about our past. The discovery of what could be the world’s oldest railway roundhouse on the site of the new HS2 station in Birmingham City Centre is extraordinary and fitting as we build the next generation of Britain’s railways.” Jon Millward, Historic Environment Advisor, HS2

    Birmingham Curzon Street Station 2

    Enhancing the Public Realm

    Station Square: Station Square will pose as the front door to the HS2 rail network for those commuting in and out of Birmingham. The area will welcome vast green spaces boasting easy links to Digbeth.

    Curzon Square: Curzon Square provides a historic backdrop for the Curzon Street Station. The square will act as a great event space bringing the community together.

    Curzon Promenade: Curzon Promenade links to the Eastside City Park. This zone has been optimised for pedestrians and cyclists. It provides easy walking access to bus stops, including the speedy Sprint bus routes.

    Paternoster Place: Better known as a gateway to Digbeth. The pedestrianised zone will encourage investments in its Enterprise Zone sites.

    Job Opportunities Increase

    A Desirable City

    Over the next three decades, Curzon Street will receive investments worth over £724m. These million-pound investments will create several new neighbourhoods, offering 36,000 new jobs for professionals in the area.

    As a result of the continual inward investments, job opportunities are opening at the fastest rate. In addition, Deutsche Bank, Jacobs Engineering and HSBC’s retail banking arm have relocated their offices to Birmingham.

    The much-anticipated HS2 project has generated almost 25,000 jobs to date. Furthermore, thousands of UK businesses are supporting the scheme directly. Job opportunities are not only open to skilled professionals positions are available for apprentices and those in the early stages of their careers. A Restart scheme has begun to boost job prospects and support the unemployed. The drop in unemployability will enhance the desirability of Birmingham as an investment hotspot.

    HS2: A Mammoth Project

    Driving Growth

    Initially, the line was due to operate in 2026, then 2028-2031. However, due to delays, the trains are predicted to run between 2029-2033. In addition to the hindered project timings, the cost has increased from £56bn in 2015 to an eye-watering £106bn. 

    Birmingham City Council will continue to improve connectivity by seamlessly connecting Street Station, Moor Street Station, and New Street Station. Curzon Street Station is the focal point of the city. It will encourage city centre growth and promote regeneration of surrounding areas. The sheer size of the station will no doubt leave a ripple effect through the city, enhancing the amenity value in the region. The national rail is set to boost the regional economy by £14bn as outlined in the HS2 Growth Strategy, produced by West Midlands Combined Authority. 

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