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    What is BMV Property?

    Below market value properties, or BMV properties, are just that: properties below market value.

    A BMV property can be one that has been on the market for a long time, from six months to a year, and the owner is willing to drop the price to get it sold. Most properties are motivated sellers looking for a quick sale. With these properties below market value, the owner drops the selling price below its market value to guarantee a swift sale.

    With the rising interest rates this summer, both home buyers and buy-to-let investors are wondering whether now is the best time to buy. Many will be in search of a BMV property but they should ensure such properties are profitable.

    Where to Find a BMV Property

    Below market value properties can be found at auctions. However, many other investors gather here. With roomfuls of property market insight and seasoned professionals all under one roof, competition is insanely rife. Property sourcing by yourself requires a lot of knowledge, too, down to careful research and due diligence, and can be considerably risky without guidance.

    Using an investment agency takes away all that hassle. Companies like us at CityRise keep a close, careful eye on the housing market and, particularly, the resale market. Not only do agencies have access to hundreds of motivated sellers, but they can also source some of the best opportunities on and off the market – without you doing a thing. Aspiring landlords especially should consider this way forward to make sure they receive the best possible returns on their investment.

    BMV Properties with CityRise

    At CityRise, our investment experts scour the country for the best below market value deals available. But we make sure each property offers the best profit for the investors. Not just cheaper than the marketable price.

    We follow strict appraisals when sourcing these properties. To ensure they meet our criteria, we consider every cost associated with the purchase against the actual and potential income. An accurate investment profile is created, down to hypothetical refurbishment costs, mortgage and management costs, utility bills, and other expenses. All to provide buyers with the information they need to understand the entire process and overall returns.

    We physically visit the property with a professional contractor to complete a full Optimisation Analysis and break down the best ways to improve the property. Only once this is complete do we then negotiate the property price.

    Through CityRise, you gain access to the BMV properties through motivated sellers or our in-house property sourcing agents. But that is not all we offer. With us, you gain priority access to a range of benefits and investor resources that will help and guide you on your investment journey. This includes exclusive access to brand-new off-market developments, newly sourced properties, early bird offers, discounts, and more.

    Find out more here.

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