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    16 Dec 2021

    Boxing Day Bounce: Everything Investors Need to Know

    boxing day bounce

    If you are looking to source a tenant for your buy-to-let property, do not let the festive period pass you by. Investors should be taking advantage of the Boxing Day Bounce.

    On Boxing Day last year, Zoopla recorded a 70.5% increase in site visitors. This is not unheard of for many property search portals. Sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove have recorded the period between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve as being the busiest time of the year. Rightmove recorded a 231% surge in website traffic over the same period last year. Therefore, it is likely this year will be no different. If you are a buy-to-let investor, looking to find a tenant for your property in the new year, do not let the festive period pass you by.

    What is the Boxing Day Bounce?

    what is the boxing day bounce

    Contrary to popular belief, Boxing Day sales are not confined to the high street. Amongst investors, Christmas has commonly been known as a quiet period. However, the digital age has caused a huge shift in this trend. Property search portals such as Zoopla and Rightmove have recorded boxing day as being one of the busiest days of the year, with website visitors doubling. Since the launch of online property portals, Boxing Day has become a staggeringly active period.

    What causes the Boxing Day bounce?

    Several reasons could be behind the unprecedented Boxing Day bounce. Firstly, many of us spend Boxing Day lounging around on our sofas watching television, reflecting on the day before. The introduction of property search portals, online and on apps, has made browsing properties more accessible than ever. For many, it is a way to pass the time.

    Over the festive period, Boxing Day especially, provides downtime that we may not find any other time of the year. Once the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, it makes sense that the downtime before the New Year would be the perfect time to revaluate living situations. Buyers may realise over Christmas the negatives of their living situations, such as their house being too small for guests or living too far away from loved ones. Therefore, these emotions tend to drive the Boxing Day bounce.

    On top of this, with many professionals having time off around Christmas, they will have more time to attend property viewings and be proactive in their search.

    What does this mean for property investors?

    what does the boxing day bounce mean for investors

    This surge in activity is great news for property investors. If you are a buy-to-let investor hoping to rent out your property, now is the perfect time to get it listed. In preparation for the new year, investors can maximise their returns if void periods are limited. Therefore, as we can pre-empt activity will be high, investors can begin preparing their properties to let out for 2022.

    The most effective way to limit void periods and increase tenant appeal is ensuring your property is fully furnished and attractive to potential inhabitants. Furnishing your property, however, can be a taxing and time-consuming process. Yet, if you want your property to stand out from the rest, it is essential.

    CityRise can help, as we provide a range of luxury, high-quality, and reasonably priced furniture packs that can save you time and money. A furniture pack can be the difference between minimum and maximum returns. Explore CityRise’s today.

    CityRise Verdict

    The Boxing Day bounce is a phenomenon every investor should be aware of. In previous years, Christmas has been a quiet period in the property world. However, as we saw last year this trend has drastically changed. Now, on boxing day your property could receive the largest audience of the year.

    If you have a buy-to-let investment you are struggling to find a tenant for, leave it in the hands of our lettings and management team. We will effectively promote your property on major search portals until the right tenant is found. CityRise prides itself on securing fast occupancies with professional tenants, limiting any potential void periods.

    While other investors may not be active over Christmas, the savvy investor will be. You do not want to miss out on this ideal market. Get in touch today.

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