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    Why Work With


    Every development benefits from a carefully curated sales and marketing strategy that maximises the developments marketability and deliverance of sales.

    CityRise understands the demands of selling off-plan property. With years of experience, our team of off-plan investment experts can market and sell developments before construction has even begun. With an extensive network of national and international investors, we are driven to deliver sales excellence and build long and profitable partnerships with reputable developers across the UK.

    As a developer, it is of paramount importance that you are confident in your exit strategy and how it will be implemented. CityRise has a tried and tested strategy that ensures high volume sales in short timeframes. We have automated much of our sales process to ensure your development gets the maximum exposure required from our large database of motivated buyers.

    It is because of this personal, professional and seamless investment experience that our clients trust us. In this regard, we rely on a huge amount of repeat business from our portfolio landlords who continually purchase property through us. They know exactly what they are getting from CityRise and are familiar with our excellent process. This gives you the confidence that we will sell a large proportion of your development on launch alone.

    Consultation & Strategy

    1 | Pre & Post Planning Consultation

    Regardless of whether you are in the initial stages of planning or have already begun construction, we would like to hear from you. We consult on a wide range of development elements. This includes the division of units, pricing, investment sales strategy, marketing campaigns and all other areas of investment sales.

    2 | Effective Sales Strategy

    At CityRise we take off-plan investment sales very seriously and our aim is always to sell developments out long before practical completion. It is for this reason that we spend time carefully preparing a sales strategy that will deliver the highest volume of sales in the shortest time.

    Marketing & Promotion

    3 | In-House Marketing & Design

    By taking full control of the design and distribution of your developments marketing, we make sure it closely follows our sales strategy. Our multi-channel approach includes tailored email campaigns, organic and paid SEO & social media exposure, ensuring all units are sold within the agreed timescales.

    Regardless of whether you are looking for widespread development exposure or more discreet service, our professional in-house design and marketing team deliver thoughtful and expert material for your development.

    4 | Global Promotion

    At CityRise we do not only market your property to our pool of national investors but also have strong partnerships with international investors and overseas property agencies. This ensures that your development has the exposure required to sell in high volume. Our investors can be found across the globe, from Hong Kong down to Singapore, through the Middle East and around Europe.

    High Volume

    5 | Effective Selling

    Our in-house sales team are specialists at selling off-plan property and have extensive experience in this growing industry, parting a clear gap between ourselves and traditional high street estate agents.

    6 | Comprehensive Sales Progression

    Our dedicated in-house sales progression team will liaise with all parties effectively to ensure that contracts are always exchanged in a timely manner. Our recommended solicitors will carry out all searches and enquiries before we launch the sales which will ensure a smoother conveyancing process. Our team will also attend all mortgage surveys and can attend client snagging visits if requested.

    Speak to us Today!

    Regardless of whether you are in the initial stages of planning or have already begun construction, we would like to discuss your project with you. Book a consultation or request a sales proposal today. We consult on a wide range of development elements from pricing and investment sales strategies to marketing campaigns and more.

      Speak to us Today!

      Request a Sales Proposal

      We offer all prospective developers an in-depth sales proposal that covers all aspects of the sales process from saleability and mortgage-ability criteria through to unit pricing and GDV. We will also be able to give an indication of timeframes for selling out the developments and the expected ratio of national to international sales. Our proposals are of such depth that they are frequently used by developers to get funding for their sites. We are happy to tailor them for this purpose.

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