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    Sustainable practices are becoming a priority for every business, including real estate. Ultimately, the UK plans to ‘build back greener’ in the wake of the pandemic. Aiming to achieve the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Therefore, green investing continues to move up the agenda of sustainability and real estate.

    In summary, green investing includes properties that have:

    Low environmental impact, by using sustainable construction materials

    Healthier living environments

    High performance with low operating costs

    Currently, London is the leading city with multitudes of green-rated commercial buildings and a world-leading infrastructure programme: The London Infrastructure Plan 2050. Many cities across the region are striving to implement greener solutions. Similarly, Hull is establishing itself as the UK’s leader in renewable energy. The prosperous city in Yorkshire is manufacturing the blades for the Hornsea Project Two. Not only will this be the world’s biggest wind farm when operational in 2022, but it will also boost the economy in the city. Thus strengthening the housing and property investment market.

    Moreover, at CityRise, we work with developers who embed sustainable practices throughout the design and construction process.

    Read more about investing in green rental properties.


    Construction: Implementing Sustainable Practices

    Furthermore, Green construction technology is on the rise. A range of the new build developments at CityRise use sustainable technologies. Therefore, reducing carbon footprints. Developers, investors, and tenants all benefit a considerable amount from the implementation of green technology in construction.

    In new builds, Green building construction is implemented in every phase of the development. This includes all aspects of the structure, design, construction materials and operational systems. Each element is selected to be energy-efficient and sustainable. In addition to this, green building technology makes use of motion detectors, RFID scanners, access card readers and other sensors to monitor the occupancy of the building. The technology has been designed to automatically shut off lights and adjust the temperature and ventilation accordingly. Landlords can also save up to 30% in energy expenses by implementing greener solutions.

    Green Construction: Sustainable Technologies

    – Solar Power – Although upfront installation costs are higher. Solar power provides substantial benefits in the long run.
    – Biodegradable Materials – Traditional construction methods lead to toxic chemicals and waste products. Materials such as organic paints, have little negative impact on the environment.
    – Green Insulation – Green insulation eliminates the need for high-end finishes made from non-renewable materials. The method utilises recycled material to line the walls.
    – Smart Appliances – Energy saving and self-sufficient appliances are a step towards zero-energy buildings.

    – Cool Roofs – Cool roofs, reflect heat and sunlight. Thus, maintaining the standard temperature in homes. Ultimately, minimising the dependence on air conditioning.
    – Sustainable resource sourcing – The materials are re-manufactured, recycled or recyclable, and obtained from sustainable sources.
    – Low energy house and zero-energy building design – This process implements high-performance windows, strategic window placing and insulation techniques. Hence, reducing the requirement for interior heating and lighting during the day.
    – Electronic Smart Glass – Innovative technology in sustainable construction. Smart glass shuts out the harsh heat of solar radiation. With a smart control system, users can adapt the amount of solar radiation to block.

    Adopt a Sustainable Lifestyle

    We understand investors and buyers are looking to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. At CityRise we ensure all developments have high EPC ratings. Therefore, listing high performing, energy efficient apartments. For investors this promises high yields, and low energy costs for buyers. To discuss your requirements get in touch with our experts today!


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