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    Hull’s Big City Plan

    Regeneration in Hull has greatly improved its economy, impacting local businesses and employment rates. These long-lasting benefits are all but positive additions to the Big City Plan’s main ambition to change the perceptions of Hull and reconnect culture back to public space. Enthusiasm and residents’ pride in Hull has rekindled thanks to the improved public spaces, seen in the likes of Albion Square and hosting 2017’s City of Culture.

    The Hull Fruit Market is a key priority within Hull’s Big City Plan. It aims to create and sustain city jobs and boost the tourist economy by drawing visitors to Hull’s transforming waterfront. Linking to the plans for a cruise terminal and international arts centre, the addition of the Fruit Market will help transform a near-derelict area into a vibrant, creative, and cultural quarter of the city, known for its art, music, and independent retailers.

    • £83.6m

    • 733

      Job Opportunities
    • £24m

      Residential Development
    • 300


    Transforming the

    Hull Fruit Market

    The Hull Fruit Market is one of Yorkshire’s best housing regeneration projects. With a £83.6 million investment and offering 733 jobs between 2013 and 2024, it is the largest development Hull has seen in over half a century. It was a success in maximising economic and cultural outputs in time for the City of Culture events in 2017, with post-2017 plans to build on the legacy of its creativity, leisure, independent businesses, and exciting new digital hub.

    Originally, the Hull Fruit Market unsurprisingly revolved around the fruit trade until as recently as 2009. While greatly used for business, its population was tightly packed and entertained residents and visitors with its circus and theatre. This is what fuels the developers’ vision. They aim to bring back this independent trading and community spirit, paying respect to its former life and making it ‘the heartbeat of Hull’.

    Hull Fruit Market consists of a £24 million residential development, homing 300 residents in a close-knit community, and a 350-space multi-storey car park, supporting businesses and the economy of the wider city centre. Both residential and commercial developments are at the Fruit Market’s heart. Refurbishing warehouses and historic buildings back into use is even in the plan. As an emerging digital hub, to become Hull’s digital and creative quarter while forming a part of the Old Town Conservation Area, a tech campus has been developed and has already generated hundreds of high-skilled digital jobs. But the thriving Humber Street is the Fruit Market’s main success.

    Humber Street

    Humber Street was first on the Hull Fruit Market agenda. Completed back in 2016, it is still the most successful part of the project. Humber Street has been completely transformed into a new artistic hub. It has become a creative mixed-use quarter catered to galleries, street art, independent retailers, restaurants, and bars to pay homage to and continue the age-old tradition and trading spirit of the original Hull Fruit Market. Characterful buildings remain, bearing the name of their former occupiers, despite essentials being repurposed for their new owners.

    The success of Humber Street has even won the ‘Great Street’ Award from the Academy of Urbanism.

    CityRise Verdict

    Hull is a dark horse for property investment. This once-overlooked city is now an investment hotspot. The many investments in Hull are sure to ensure its growing legacy. Improving the public realm and property market will improve the ever-growing perceptions of the city with it.

    Affordable house prices and a thriving rental market go hand in hand with Hull. Over the years, the city has transformed into both a world-class tourist destination and hometown residents can be proud of. Particularly by leading the green revolution, Hull is a city for the future. Its emerging sustainability sector promises strong capital growth and employment opportunities to make Hull the perfect investment.

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