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    Key Locations


    The £38 million Nexus development launched in 2019 within the University of Leeds campus. This is a key innovation hub for business, technology, and academia. Offering the highest level of technology, office space and lab equipment available in the country. Nexus encourages entrepreneurs and works with local support schemes to create new businesses.

    Sir William Henry Bragg Building

     A campus for engineering and physical sciences, the Sir William Henry Bragg Building is a new £96 million development. The building will host a range of industries from telecommunications to pharmaceuticals.

    Broadcasting Place

    Broadcasting Place is a £50 million mixed-use facility with 10,000 sqm of office space and 240 student residences. The space is award-winning, supporting creative industries such as animation, printmaking, photography and much more.


     LGI is the £450 million redevelopment of Leeds General Infirmary which will expand the world-class services available to patients. This will put Leeds at the forefront of the medical technology and health services industries.

    Millennium Square

    Leeds’s Millennium Square will host a range of events curated by the Leeds Innovation Arc. This is a way to bring the community together with a common interest, with regular exhibitions taking place in the area.

    Leeds Development Map
    • 437,000 (+12%)

      Leeds Job Count (UK Growth +7%)
    • 30,815 (+15%)

      Leeds Businesses (UK Growth +12%)
    • 20-34 (25%)

      Age of Residents (UK Average 20%)


    The project aims to anchor Leeds’s main universities and hospitals. Therefore, surrounding them with specialist businesses and increasing employment rates in the area. For students, this means the city will be able to offer more opportunities and increase the retention of students beyond their graduation. One of the scheme’s key mission objectives is to encourage collaboration and creativity across industries, offering space for ideas to be shared and developed.

    This will be achieved by introducing spaces where researchers, investors, facilitators, and entrepreneurs can come together and grow their ideas. In delivering on these plans, Leeds will be able to nurture the city’s residents’ academic research. These objectives will be achieved by pairing them with some of the most entrepreneurial minds in the city, to create new businesses and jobs.


    Outlines for the project highlight how integral inclusivity is to the success of Leeds Innovation Arc. This is set to be achieved with the creation of a new vibrant community, where people want to work, live, and socialise. A priority is to bridge the gaps between the cities’ universities and local neighbourhoods. Programmes such as BUILD aim to support a diverse set of innovative entrepreneurs, by helping to bring ideas to life.

    The key to building a successful community space is to make sure all residents feel welcome. Leeds is home to residents of 169 nationalities, making it one of the most diverse cities in the UK. Therefore, Leeds City Council is keen to ensure that the community is open to all residents by offering equal opportunities to locals.


    Leeds City Council has announced the intention to create 3,000 new homes as part of the Leeds Innovation Arc. Intentions are clear, to build a strong community allowing residents to connect, the properties aim to be exciting and safe places to live. This offers collaboration outside of working hours, giving residents a place to build networks. A strong community will lay the foundations for growth in the wide region.

    In order to make the homes exciting and vibrant, the local infrastructure will be built upon. Similarly, new facilities and amenities will be introduced to the area. As the development is within the city centre there is a strong foundation to be expanded upon. New facilities are designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle for locals, by introducing gyms, eateries and much more.


    Leeds is a city with a rich and distinguished past, with beautiful architecture across the city. Leeds Council is keen to build upon the city’s identity while looking forward to the future. This will be achieved by enhancing, utilising and repurposing iconic assets of the city. Leeds regeneration projects have always looked to keep the city’s identity alive, with the South Bank project seeing huge success as it moves towards completion.

    The plan outlines the importance of local areas retaining their sense of individuality. Playing to their strengths and highlighting what makes these local communities unique. Allowing communities to have a sense of ownership and being able to celebrate the area’s past. However, opening up more opportunities in the immediate area, bringing new businesses and large investments benefits all residents as the local economy is strengthened.

    Green Space

    Leeds Innovation Arc includes plans to create 4 hectares of green space, helping Leeds City Council achieve their target of net zero carbon emissions. Giving residents a healthy place to live is a huge bonus, as many people look to relocate to green cities to improve their quality of life. Introducing two new parks that will connect the city’s two universities will provide students with a safe and healthy environment to connect with each other and industry professionals.

    Residents will also have cycle paths throughout the green spaces and the parks, promoting a healthier lifecycle and improved connectivity across the city centre. The parks will promote a range of activities such as event spaces and plenty of meeting areas. The goal is to provide a way for the community to come together and enjoy exciting, shared experiences in a healthy and sustainable environment.

    Green Space

    CityRise Verdict

    • Regeneration Zone: Covering a wide area of Leeds city centre, the regeneration projects will boost the local economy. For investors, this could see property prices rise meaning landlords will benefit from capital growth.
    • Connectivity: The investment into the connectivity of Leeds city centre bridges the gap between areas, meaning commuting across the city is far easier. This means improved employment rates, therefore assuring the best quality tenants are available.
    • Inclusivity: The aim of inclusivity is to offer equal opportunities, improving employment rates in the city. For investors, a wide pool of skilled professionals means more tenants on the market, shortening vacancy rates.
    • Amenities: The increase of amenities in the area improves the desirability of the area. Furthermore, rental demand will grow, which in turn, cause rental prices to rise in the area.
    • Green Space: Green spaces are becoming increasingly attractive to city centre tenants. This is because the tenants are becoming more economical, some tenants are far more likely to prioritise a property close to green spaces than those that are not.

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