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    • £171,696

      Average Liverpool property price 2019
    • £221,779

      Average Liverpool property price 2022
    • £664,400

      Average London property price 2019
    • £711,000

      Average London property price 2022

    Liverpool is one of the UK’s largest maritime cities. It is known for being a cultural hub, home to artists and athletes. Now the city has a growing hub with thousands of skilled professionals looking for accommodation. The high rental demand has caused a house price boom over the past two years. Investors are now benefiting from capital growth in Liverpool.

    The city is currently undergoing multiple regeneration projects, with high levels of investment of around £7 billion. This will see Liverpool’s economic growth rise rapidly over the coming years. Right now, is the perfect time for investors to buy property in the city to take advantage of the growth in the area. Additionally, with property prices significantly lower than those found in London, Liverpool is the place to be.


    Liverpool’s Regeneration Projects

    • £5.5bn

      Liverpool Waterfront
    • £1bn

      Knowledge Quarter
    • £260m

      The Anfield Project
    • £100m

      Central Park

    Liverpool Waterfront

    The Liverpool Waterfront regeneration has received a £5 billion investment to transform a 2km dockland along the River Mersey. This includes a new business hub, residential schemes, and a new port. According to various sources, an estimated 15,000 jobs will be created in the area. This increases the demand for quality accommodation in the area.

    It will only fuel the prices when the New Everton Stadium development is completed, with a planned completion during Q3 2024 on Liverpool’s waterfront. Research shows areas near sports stadiums can see a significant increase in value. An example of this is a property near Lords Cricket Ground is valued up to 22.5% higher than properties not in the immediate area.

    Read more about Liverpool Waterfronts, here.



    Liverpool Waterfront CGI

    Knowledge Quarter

    The £1 billion Knowledge Quarter project will attract some of the biggest names in science, health, technology, culture, and education. The 450-acre urban innovation district has stated their five key mission objectives.

    Key objectives include attracting and retaining talent, by offering a better quality of life with new local amenities and a lower cost of living than London. Another aim is growing businesses, creating the infrastructure and fairly priced facilities for businesses to grow. The third goal is collaborating with purpose, allowing businesses in the same industry to work closely together to achieve greatness. The final goal is are being a better neighbour and creating a smarter, greener future, the mission statement represents the vision of a perfect city for residents.

    This is ensured to significantly grow the economy and bring a range of industries to Liverpool. As a result, there will be an increase in professionals relocating to the city demanding quality accommodation. This has investors racing to purchase luxury properties to fulfil the demands of the rental market.

    Liverpool Knowledge Quarter

    The Anfield Project

    The Anfield project was created in 2013 with the plan to rejuvenate the neglected housing stocks. Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Football Club have funded the bid in an attempt to regenerate the area. This involved creating new properties, refurbishing existing properties, introducing a new public square, and expanding Anfield Stadium. With the project expected to be completed in 2023, it will increase the attraction of visitors, causing a tourism boom in the area. The increase in tourism will strengthen the cities economy therefore the property market.

    The Anfield Project

    Ten Streets

    The Ten Streets project’s mission is to rejuvenate the area of Kirkdale, which is immediately next to Liverpool waterfront regeneration. Ten Streets renovation is expected to begin in 2023. The project aims to bring spaces for new bars, retail units and creative businesses to Liverpool Waterfront. The plans were proposed by Liverpool City Council to create a ‘Cultural Enterprise Industry Hub’ for creative companies and art organisations.

    Residents are looking positively to the future and anticipate the area’s reinvigoration and the cultural impact it will have. Alongside the creation of new businesses, the project will see derelict industrial buildings refurbished and transformed into new properties.

    Read more about Ten Streets vision, here.

    Ten Streets Liverpool

    Goodison Park Legacy Project

    Once Goodison Park has been demolished, and construction on the New Everton Stadium is complete, it will make way for a brand new sustainable mixed-use space. The aim of this is to attract businesses with a community-led focus.

    Plans include a health centre, retail spaces, offices, and business facilities. The project is expected to begin in 2024. Once complete, it will attract many specialists to Liverpool and bring with it another huge boost to the property market. Everton Football Club estimates the project will bring an additional £237 million of societal value.

    Goodison Park Legacy Project

    Central Park

    The Central Park regeneration project has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from the residents of Liverpool. With £100 million of investment, it would transform largely derelict dockland areas into a hotspot for activities. Plans were designed to facilitate sport, fitness, wildlife habitats, pedestrian footpaths, and alfresco dining.

    The plans are part of an incentive to reduce carbon emissions in the city by a massive 80% by 2050. This is situated nearby the Liverpool Waterfront regeneration project, supporting the project’s ambitions. This will rejuvenate Liverpool’s docklands into an attractive area with large economic growth, as seasoned investors are aware, this will strengthen the property market.

    Central Park Liverpool

    What Does This Mean for Investors?

    The growth in Liverpool is simply a result of the large amounts of investment made into areas across the city. A growth in workers relocating means that quality accommodation is in high demand. For investors looking to secure long-term and short-term gains, Liverpool is the place to invest. Since investment is so significant the city will massively benefit from the quality-of-life improvements and the new jobs created.

    Once these projects have generated tens of thousands of new jobs, the city will become populated with working specialists. With the regeneration projects underway this ensures investors of strong long-term capital growth.

    In Liverpool regeneration is ongoing, so luxury buy-to-let properties are currently available off-plan. CityRise has luxury investment opportunities off-market located within the new Waterfront regeneration. These properties are in high demand as Liverpool is seeing such a rapid increase in the economy. Now is the perfect time to invest in Liverpool Waterfront with the various regeneration projects in progress, with The Anfield Project ending in 2023 and Liverpool Waterfront concluding in 2024.

    Enquire about off-market investment opportunities, here.

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