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    Stadium Relocates to Liverpool Waterfront

    Everton Stadium

    Local amenities are being upgraded as well as infrastructure across the city. Goodison Park is home to the 129-year-old Everton Stadium, which seats 39,414 people. But the stadium is moving to Bramley-Moore Dock and is currently under construction.

    The brand-new stadium is moving from the North of Liverpool to the docks by River Mersey. It will feature a striking design, with the capacity to seat 52,000 spectators! This expansion will welcome more people to the city, particularly to the docks.

    Everton Stadium will open its doors to fans for the 2024-25 season. During this period, we expect elevated levels of tourism. As a result, investors focusing on short-term-lets will benefit. The city will welcome around 1.4 million people a year and boost the economy by £1.3 billion. If you have a look at schemes in other cities, you can see how profitable regeneration can be for the property market and economy. For instance, Alexander Stadium in Birmingham, a world-class venue, delivered a successful expansion, contributing to the economy.

    Liverpool Waters Everton Stadium

    What is the Goodison Park Legacy Project?

    Goodison Park

    The Goodison Park Legacy Project will begin after demolishing the stadium. Goodison Park will convert into a mixed-use space, attracting businesses. So, the demand for accommodation will be more prevalent. It will trigger a ripple effect across derelict areas of Liverpool’s docklands. The space will include:

    • 51,000 sq. ft of offices
    • 63,000 sq. ft, six-storey care home
    • 8,000 sq. ft retail
    • 107,000 sq. ft community use

    The new stadium design will be the most sustainable in the country. It will transform the entire district standing against Liverpool’s exceptional skyline.

    A Biodiverse & Sustainable Public Realm

    Central Park

    The proposed plans for the £100 million transformation of Central Park are impressive. Liverpool will welcome the largest green space in the city centre, measuring 4.7 acres. This is a unique space, close to the coast. Alongside an enhanced public realm, a new heat network is being developed across the city. The network will provide low-carbon, cost-effective heat power to Liverpool Waters. The network is one tool aiming to reduce carbon emissions in the city by 80% by 2050.

    Central Park will feature an open plan, but sectional design to optimise the space. It will include:

    • Shelters, canopies and rain gardens
    • Areas of fitness and sports
    • Green spaces will also support wildlife in habitats nearby
    • Quality pedestrianised areas
    • Accessible routes for vehicles and cyclists
    • A beautiful cathedral-style bridge
    • Rooftop gardens and alfresco dining

    Derelict to Visionary

    Liverpool Waterfront

    Derelict dockland zones are being revived with brand-new apartments and commercial districts. All these plans will contribute to the growth of Liverpool. Solidifying its presence in the world of property investment.

    An impressive £5.5 billion of investment is being spent on Liverpool Waters. A route which spans two million square metres. This scheme is one of the largest regeneration projects in the UK. A scheme that will revolutionise the region. It will do this by creating a business hub, a residential district, and a place for leisure. This will attract businesses and professionals, augmenting the demand for accommodation in the area.

    This soaring demand for housing will push property prices upwards throughout the regeneration, especially as the area becomes a lot more desirable. Liverpool Waterfront is a great place to stay, especially for those who work in the city centre. The young demographic of 17 to 29-year-olds guarantees high demand for quality accommodation. Generation Rent continues to expand in Liverpool. As a result, investors can profit from the increasing competition, as rents rise.

    Repainting the Skyline of Liverpool

    Romal Capital

    Developer Romal Capital is repainting the striking skyline of Liverpool. Romal Capital is a reputable developer in Liverpool, creating a bustling new neighbourhood, on one of the city’s most scenic routes. These beautiful waterside apartments feature a smart and sustainable design, attracting investments from across the globe.

    The new-build developments feature contemporary 1-bed, 2-bed, and 2-bed duplex apartments, attracting an array of young professionals and small families. Especially those who are looking to work and live in the area. Job prospects in the city will soon grow because of the new retail parks. Thus, strengthening the economy.

    This new vibrant neighbourhood will inject new life into the scenic waterfront. Residents in the area can enjoy the serenity of living near the waterside. Also, they can relish bustling city life. Liverpool is a city for the people. It is a city rich in heritage, and Liverpool Waters symbolises that. Investments are allowing the city to adapt and upgrade to improve locals’ quality of life.

    Investor Central

    Liverpool Waters is THE place to invest.

    It is undergoing one of the most iconic regeneration projects in the country. Investing in Liverpool now will only maximise your ROI in the coming years. Buying a property off-plan will enable you to secure it at a lower price. Upon completion, the development will without a doubt increase in value. This is true, particularly for a property purchased within a regeneration zone.

    Download your free copy of the Liverpool CityRise City Guide to find out everything you need to know about this investment hub. Download here.

    Buy Now, Earn on Completion

    Invest Today

    We are launching a brand-new development, on the iconic waterfront of Liverpool. If you want to buy a property that sits against a fascinating city skyline, then steer this way. The apartments in this brand-new development boast beautiful waterfront or courtyard views. The development also benefits from being energy efficient, because of the green specifications. For investors, there are several benefits to investing in a new build property like this one. For instance:

    • An excellent EPC rating results in cheaper bills. Investors can use this to their advantage and boost rents.
    • Brand-new installations and appliances mean landlords will spend less money on maintenance.
    • The stylish apartments are desirable to live in. They feature brand-new and contemporary designs.
    • Investors can buy a development cheaper during or before construction. This enables them to make a more significant profit and gain instant equity upon completion.

    For further information on this off-market development, enquire today. 

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