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    Unfolding First-Time Buyer Hesitations

    The Hesitations

    First-time buyers may face several challenges, such as a lack of understanding of the property market, financial concerns, and uncertainty when investing. These factors discourage people from investing. However, with guidance, individuals can become more confident with their decisions. Let’s look at some of the most common hesitations first-time buyers have.

    Financial Concerns

    Many first-time investors may worry that they don’t have enough money to get started. Some first-time investors may be unaware of the costs involved in this type of investment. Lenders may offer the option to purchase a property with a low deposit of just 5%. Therefore, investors can find a property that works with their saved deposit.

    Investors can still find affordable properties to purchase outright However, they should be aware of other expenses like legal fees, stamp duty, mortgage fees, and maintenance costs. It is crucial to be aware of these potential costs, to make an informed decision about investing.

    Lack of Knowledge

    First-time buyers know they want to invest in a buy-to-let property, but are sometimes unsure where to invest or how. If a first-time buyer invests without knowledge of growing locations and legal aspects, they may be at high risk of losing money. It is important to know where to invest. This can be done by researching the investment hotspots, analysing trends in areas, and the legal points involved. Luckily, at CityRise we have numerous resources and articles available to help you gain a better understanding of property investment.

    Investors often face challenges in understanding the property buying process, including legal aspects and terminology. Our range of services can facilitate a seamless investing journey for investors.

    Market Instability

    First-time investors may feel reluctant to invest due to fearing losing money in the market. They may have concerns about the stability of the buy-to-let market and potential fluctuations in property values. There is always a risk of a property losing value and remaining unoccupied. However, if investors conduct thorough research, they can significantly reduce these risks. By analysing market statistics in different cities, studying property prices, monitoring population growth, and taking note of rental demand, investors can gain valuable insights into what to expect from their investments. They can also gather information about the growth of the market in the future, by researching regeneration plans in the pipeline. For those uncertain about where to invest, articles are available on the website, with market updates, city insights, and upcoming hotspots. 

    Maintenance Responsibilities

    Anxiety about ongoing costs and responsibilities associated with homeownership, such as repairs and maintenance, is a common issue for many first-time buyers. One solution to combat this is to invest in off-plan property or new-build homes. These new builds come with a 10-year warranty. These new apartments feature newer appliances – less likely to need repairing in the short term.

    Additionally, CityRise provides an experienced Lettings and Management team to manage the lettings process and offer a hands-free approach for investors. Our lettings team conduct regular property visits to ensure that the property is maintained to a satisfactory standard. We also report any maintenance or repair issues to the landlord and arrange for these to be resolved where needed. 

    Location Uncertainty

    Location is one of the most important factors to consider when investing in property, as this is one of the first things tenants look at when looking for a home. First-time buyers may want to invest in their home town or somewhere where they are familiar. However, there are many rising hotspots they may not be aware of. Many factors can be taken into consideration when choosing a location, such as population growth, rental demand, regeneration plans, employment rate, and many more. All these factors will give you an idea of how much return you could expect from your investment. 

    It is also worth considering what property is of interest and whether an investor wants to purchase property in the city centre or suburbs. Depending on the tenant’s lifestyle and preferences, individuals may opt to rent modern city centre studios (students and working professionals) or large suburban homes (families or older individuals). For a comprehensive overview of investment hotspots, please check out our City Guides.


    For first-time homebuyers, it’s crucial to be aware of mortgage rates and the required property payments. A mortgage adviser will help buyers find the right mortgage taking care of the whole application, including the paperwork involved. Mortgage brokers often look at a range of mortgages from different lenders so they can find buyers the best deal. Investors should also get an agreement in principle (AiP) as this will let them know how much they can borrow, indicating how much they can afford to spend on a property.

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