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      How it Works

      As well as offering investments in some of the best new-build developments across the UK, CityRise also keeps a careful eye on the UK’s resale market. We have a team of investment experts that scour the country for the best below-market value (BMV) deals available. Furthermore, with access to hundreds of motivated sellers, CityRise is able to source some of the best opportunities both on and off the market.

      When appraising these properties, we consider every cost associated with the purchase against the actual/potential income. Through this aggressive due diligence, we are able to create an extremely accurate investment profile that ensures you have all the information required to understand your returns in their entirety.

      What costs are considered in the investment appraisal?

      • Refurbishment Costs (if applicable)
      • Mortgage Costs
      • Management Costs
      • Utility Bills and other expenses

      Step 1 : Sourcing the Property

      Firstly, CityRise must find a property which meets our stringent investment criteria. The properties are presented to CityRise via motivated sellers looking for a quick sale, or through CityRise’s in-house property sourcing agents.

      Step 2: Quality Review and Initial Investment Appraisal

      The CityRise sourcing team will arrange a visit to the property, together with an experienced contractor. The purpose of the visit is to assess the quality of the property and establish any remedial works that are required to bring the property up to a suitable standard to maximise rental projections.

      CityRise then undertakes a full Optimisation Analysis that includes specific works lists, and contractor estimates and provides a breakdown of the best ways to improve the property. To ensure the property is ready to be let, high-quality materials and long-lasting finishes will be used.

      Step 3: Negotiate Price with Seller

      CityRise then begins negotiating below-market pricing between 10%-20%, with the seller. Often those looking to sell a property through CityRise want to wrap up the sale quickly and are willing to sell below market value. It is through our efficient selling service that we retain strong bargaining power to negotiate the best price on all properties we sell.

      Step 4: Detailed Investment Appraisal 

      After negotiating the best price for prospective clients, CityRise undertakes another, comprehensive appraisal of the property and its investment case. CityRise will note everything from likely refurbishment costs to mortgage payments and other potential outgoings.

      The outgoing costs are then entered into our investment simulator to determine a very accurate return on investment (ROI). Typically, CityRise will only take on properties with an ROI of 12.5% or higher. Therefore, it is vital that the appraisal is as accurate as possible to ensure this is achieved.

      Step 5: Property Offered to CityClub Members

      Once a detailed investment profile has been completed, details of the investment will be released exclusively to CityClub members. The package will include the location of the property (without disclosing the exact address), a comprehensive investment breakdown and pictures of the property.

      If the opportunity looks attractive, investors should enquire through CityClub. You will receive a call from one of CityRise’s investment consultants who will discuss the property and process in more detail. They will also take time to learn more about you and your investment strategy allowing us to source more suitable properties in the future.

      Should you wish to proceed with the purchase you will pay a one off sourcing fee. Upon receipt of the sourcing fee all details of the property will be released to you and the property will be taken from the market.

      Step 6: After-Sales Services

      Upon reservation of the property, CityRise’s work does not stop there. Our aftersales team will remain with you throughout the conveyancing process and make sure the sale goes through smoothly.

      If you wish, we will then take full control of the lettings and management of the property on your behalf. We ensure that suitable tenants are found, void periods are kept to a minimum and the property is properly maintained and managed throughout the lifetime of your ownership. This hands-free investment model allows you to reap the benefits of investing in property without the day-to-day work it involves.

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