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    What is

    The Huddersfield Blueprint?

    The project aims to transform Huddersfield Town Centre into a vibrant cultural town, bursting with art, leisure and nightlife. It also aims to provide business opportunities, a desirable place to live, improved access and upgraded public areas. After the project is complete, Huddersfield will be recognised as being a busy family-friendly town centre full of opportunity with unique culture and leisure.

    The Huddersfield Blueprint comprises six key areas: A new Cultural Heart in the Queensgate and Piazza area, Station Gateway, St Peter’s, Kingsgate and New Street, and the Civic Quarter. 


    The Cultural Heart 

    Huddersfield’s new Cultural Heart will catalyse change in the town and is the most prominent plan of The Blueprint. It will create a cultural hub where residents and visitors can enjoy the leisure, arts and music, that the area will provide. New people will be drawn to the town, thanks to the range of activities that will be made available in high-quality public space.

    The development of the new Cultural Heart will include a library, art gallery, museum and music venue in the Piazza area. Additionally, there will be restaurants, bars, cafés and the Lawrence Batley Theatre. As part of the project, there will be a removal of buildings around the Piazza area. Large open space for people to gather with a large green space, water features and seating steps will all be created.

    Further parts of this project involve improving connectivity from further areas of the ring road to the town centre. This will include creating easier access for pedestrians to gain easier access to the university, Cultural Heart, and Bates Mill. 

    Improvements to the

    Railway Station

    Whilst constructing the Huddersfield Blueprint, the council is going to improve the facilities available in the station. This upgrade will provide the station with quality waiting areas, and a choice of eating and drinking facilities, as well as shops. As it is a key entrance point into Huddersfield, construction will go ahead to provide connections to create better access to the centre. At the exit of the station, it will be open to view the new vibrant centre. Allowing the first impression from visitors to be the high-quality spaces and amenities. Station Square is also another area in the plan to provide a better connection point, adding a new drop-off zone and a new entrance to the station. 

    St Georges Warehouse is set to be converted into a utilised space, using the lower levels of the building as a car park, and the upper floors as office space, a hotel, or apartments. Better connecting the building to the station, making better use of the warehouse offering parking and connections to the town and creating new amenities for visitors. 

    Furthermore, Kirklees Council is determined to bring the George Hotel back into use. The council are in partnership with the owner of the hotel to ensure the building reopens and has a role in improving the surrounding area. St Georges Square, which is the surrounding area, is set to attract events, which will further increase visitors to the town. 

    St Peter’s:

    The Creative Zone

    This area of the town is already bursting with creativity and culture, home to a range of independent businesses, cafes, shops, bars, and the famous open market. The Huddersfield Blueprint aims to build on this by providing co-working spaces within the town’s historic buildings. Creating a space to invite small or creative businesses, which will overall create more job opportunities for residents and will lead to a boost in the local economy. 

    The old Post Office site is also under planning to create new houses that will make use of St Peter’s Gardens. Exsisting gardens will also be replanted with greenery and paths and benches will be located around the gardens. Creating a more attractive green space for the public. These new homes and green spaces will provide the perfect opportunity for town centre living.

    The Open Market will be turned into one of the most successful markets, by adding new cafes, restaurants, and bars. Pop-up stalls will also encourage small businesses to the town and will provide visitors with food, drinks, and shopping opportunities. This will increase the desirability of the town due to the range of opportunities that will be welcomed. 


    Enhancing Leisure

    Kingsgate is an area in Huddersfield that offers traditional retail facilities and the council wants to keep it this way and build on it, to make it more attractive to visitors. Plans for this project include adding a new cinema and leisure facilities to the Kingsgate Shopping Centre. This project is predicted to attract more people to the city and create a more desirable home town. 

    Enhancing the streets surrounding the Shopping Centre is the next aim. Focusing on pedestrian and cycle routes to help improve the public areas to provide sustainable travel through the city. 

    At the heart of the Shopping Centre is New Street North, which will soon see a huge transformation. This street will be made into a green space with beautiful spaces to enjoy nature. Cafes, communal areas, and countryside views will all be offered with the redevelopment of the street. It is important that this area remains attractive due to its central location. Therefore, this will become an area that will be open for public use and will be available to host events.

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