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    Leeds South Bank

    Leeds South Bank Regeneration is a project which plans to double the size of Leeds city centre, with a total investment of £500 million. The project aims to create 8,000 new homes and 35,000 new jobs and attract major businesses and skilled professionals to the area.

    Regeneration is being carried out in a number of phases, on the construction of new homes, businesses, public spaces, a new city centre park and the revitalisation of the area’s industrial sites.

    Local Economy

    The project will create thousands of new homes and new jobs. This will help to boost the local economy and provide residents with more opportunities. This will be achieved with the introduction of new businesses to the area, as new offices will become available making city centre prices more competitive.

    Public Spaces

    The project will create a new city centre park, as well as other new public spaces, such as a riverside promenade and a new cultural quarter. These spaces will provide residents with a place to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and participate in community events.

    Industrial Heritage

    The project will regenerate the area’s industrial heritage, including now derelict or unused industrial buildings. These sites will be transformed into new mixed-use developments, including residential, commercial, and leisure spaces.

    Leeds South Bank regeneration is moving forward quickly, expected to complete in 2023 and residents are already experiencing the benefits of the scheme. Once completed, the South Bank project will breathe new life into Leeds with new opportunities, homes, and amenities available.

    Find our in-depth breakdown of Leeds South Bank, here.

    Liverpool Waterfront

    Liverpool Waterfront is a £5 billion regeneration project that is transforming the city’s waterfront. Therefore, Liverpool Waterfront is one of the UK’s most ambitious regeneration projects in recent history. With aims to completely transform the former docklands into a thriving hub for skilled professionals.

    The project is a major undertaking that will transform the city’s waterfront. The project will create a new mixed-use city district for Liverpool, with 2 million sq m of residential, business and leisure space. The new district will be home to five dynamic neighbourhoods, each with its own unique character.


    Liverpool Waterfront is aiming to introduce up to 15,000 new jobs for residents of the city. Furthermore, with the addition of the new Everton football stadium in Q4 2024, tourism will see a huge boost in the area.


    Included in the plans for Liverpool Waterfront is the Central Park project, which will transform previously derelict docklands into a sustainable green space. This is a move towards Liverpool City Council lowering carbon emissions by up to 80%. The location has been designed to facilitate sports, fitness, and alfresco dining.

    Quality Living

    A key goal of Liverpool Waterfront regeneration is introducing quality accommodations for residents. This is to improve the quality of life in the area, which has previously been under utilised.

    Liverpool Waterfront is looking to take the north by storm, offering huge benefits to the wider city. This includes fantastic levels of economic growth and new opportunities for residents. Liverpool Waterfront is a great example that even in the modern day, large cities can still expand in a meaningful way.

    Find our in-depth breakdown of Liverpool Waterfront, here.

    Manchester Spinningfields

    Spinningfields in Manchester is a pivotal project to transform a previously underutilised part of Manchester city centre into the Northern financial capital. The project has attracted top businesses such as Barclays, Regus, HSBC, NorthEdge and many more. Additionally, they have created a vibrant new quarter with a mix of residential, commercial, and leisure spaces.

    The area is also home to a number of amenities including restaurants, bars, and shops. Spinningfields is quickly becoming a popular destination for both residents and visitors to Manchester.

    Mixed-use development

    Spinningfields is a mixed-use development, with a mix of residential, commercial, and leisure spaces. This makes it a vibrant and sustainable community, with something to offer everyone.


    Spinningfields is an attractive location, with a mix of traditional and modern architecture. The area is also well-connected, with easy access to public transport and is located close to the city centre.


    Spinningfields has made a significant contribution to Manchester’s economy, creating jobs, and attracting external investment. The area has also helped bring many major financial industry leaders to the city.

    So far, the regeneration of Spinningfields has been a major success. The area is now a vibrant and sustainable community, with something to offer everyone. Spinningfields is a prime example of how regeneration can be used to create a better future for cities.

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