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    Why Should you Consider?

    Types of boilers that fall under the remit of the grant include air source heat pumps. Unfortunately, these new boilers are not cheap and can cost anywhere between £6,000 and £12,000. This is enough to put off most households from purchasing one even with grants available.

    However, with the cost of energy rising at record rates it might just pay dividends to install one. Furthermore, as the cost of living crisis deepens it is anticipated that this will have a direct impact on the property market. Not only will it affect people’s ability to save deposits but might also change their preferences. A property that is energy efficient is likely to become increasingly desirable to potential buyers. In this regard you could expect to sell your property for considerably more should you implement such measures.

    Who Can Apply for the Grant?

    The new scheme is available to any homeowner who has a property with a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The grant is not available for new build properties unless self-built and there can not be any outstanding loft or cavity wall insulation recommendations.

    Once a homeowner has decided to buy the new low carbon boiler an approved installer will install the boiler, apply for the grant, and then discount it from the price paid by the buyer.

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