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    Scotland is the most northern of the UK regions, occupying around one-third of the UK. From green forests, mysterious lochs, towering mountains, and a lively, friendly culture – there is nowhere else in the UK quite like Scotland.

    Divided into the lowlands, highlands, and islands, Scotland is known for its luscious greenery, sweeping mountains, and far-reaching beaches. For wildlife lovers, Scotland is an ecological paradise with great diversity housed within its many nature reserves. Take a walk in the mountains and moorland, you might see beautiful red deer or mountain hares, while the islands are ideal for spotting seals and seabirds. Or, if you want to spot something a little more impressive, why not take a trip to the waters of Loch Ness to visit speculated Loch Ness Monster – the mysterious beast of many historical archives dating back to 565 AD.

    Scotland is not just renowned for its fabulous countryside but is also an economic powerhouse with fast-growing cities. Home to world-leading innovation and global companies such as JP Morgan, GSK, and Amazon, it’s easy to see why they have chosen Scotland as their home. The economy is rapidly growing thanks to such a diverse range of sectors and its skilled workforce – over 50% having achieved higher education qualifications. Inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs such as Alexander Graham Bell, James Watt, Andrew Carnegie, and John McAdam have all played their part in extending Scotland’s reach far beyond this small country’s borders.


    Dominating Cities

    Scotland’s dominating cities, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen (to name a few) are amongst the top ten in the UK for attracting international investment. Edinburgh provides the history, architecture, and majestic Edinburgh Castle drawing in a multitude of tourists every year. Glasgow, often known as Scotland’s second capital, has the fourth-largest economy in the whole of the UK. Packed full of culture, history, and students – Scotland presents a multitude of investment opportunities. Furthermore, due to Scotland’s sparsely populated nature, land and property are significantly cheaper than in England.

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