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    Reading Slough

    The East and South-East are the most populated areas of the UK.

    Major cities in this region include Reading, Slough, Brighton, Portsmouth, and of course, London. As we know, London is one of the strongest cities in the world. Bursting with talent, opportunity and tourism, the city is – and always will be – a popular investment choice.

    Easy Access to London with

    Fantastic Tourist Opportunities

    Aside from being so easily accessible to London, the South-East also presents fantastic tourist opportunities of its own. Rich in history, the South-East is home to beloved World Heritage sites such as the Canterbury Cathedral and Blenheim Palace.

    It’s also boasting some of the most beautiful countrysides and coastline the UK has to offer. Areas such as Kent offer idyllic scenery that would make you want to move to rural England in a heartbeat. Tourists from all over the UK travel to the South-East for a taste of the fresh, pure air of the countryside.

    Brighton, the well-known seaside resort, is also located in the South-East. Often referred to as London on Sea, the city has great access to the capital, whilst also boasting its own London-type lifestyle. Full of high-end bars, restaurants, and a creative personality, Brighton is famously an upmarket, quirky area to live. If you have ever seen the stunning beaches of Brighton, you would understand why it ranks as one of the UK’s top ten tourist destinations.

    A World-Class Economy

    Home to Global Businesses

    The South-East is also home to an extremely prosperous economy. Lots of internationally significant businesses are located in the South-East, especially in key industries such as ICT, pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare, engineering, and aerospace. These successful businesses are providing high-paying jobs to South-East residents, which account for the region having the highest average weekly wage amongst residents outside of London.

    South-East Residents Benefit from

    A Prime Location

    South-East residents benefit from being in a prime location. London is near enough to be on their doorstep, but residents dodge bearing the London expenses. Areas that fall in the London commuter belt are attractive to investors, as they offer prosperous buy-to-let opportunities.

    On top of that, the region has connections to seven national motorways and is home to the second-busiest airport in the UK, Gatwick. Such great connectivity has led to the South-East becoming a successful economic hub, with the largest economy of any UK region outside of London.

    London Commuter Belt

    Continues to Strengthen

    With the Elizabeth line on its way to opening in 2022, the London commuter belt will be strengthened. Stretching more than 60 miles from Reading to Shenfield, the new railway line will stop at 41 stations. Ten of these stations will be newly built and thirty stations will be upgraded. The service is expected to transport around 200 million people each year. When completed, connectivity from London to the South-East will be stronger than ever. Reading, in particular, is set to become an investor hotspot, as the improved transport links are anticipated to increase property prices by 30%.

    Cities located on the London Commuter Belt are often in a league of their own when it comes to economic strength. They reap the benefits of the capital, whilst being much more affordable places to live. Slough, for example, is home to the largest concentration of global corporate headquarters outside of London. These names include Amazon, Mars UK, and O2.

    Moving Closer to

    The Capital

    Residents choose to live in the South-East for its beautiful countryside, however, many have moved here to live nearer to the Capital. The South-East is home to some of the UK’s most picturesque rolling hills. It’s also home to two national parks: the New Forest and the South Downs. Most famously, the River Thames flows through the heart of the region into the Thames Valley.

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