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    A Key Player in the

    Northern Powerhouse

    A Key player of the Northern Powerhouse region, Leeds is famous for everything from technology, digital media, and its vibrant nightlife.

    Leeds is gleaming with Victorian architecture, home to numerous distinguished buildings such as The Leeds Corn Exchange. It doesn’t take an expert to recognise that Leeds is a fantastic opportunity for property investment. As the fastest-growing UK city, its population has been growing seven times faster than London in recent decades. As a result, demand in Leeds is massively exceeding supply – creating ample investment opportunities.

    Those who buy a property in the heart of Leeds can expect average rental yields of 5.8%. Certain postcodes, however, have been known to go as high as 7.4%.

    The average property price is £246,833, having climbed by 7.59% in the last year alone. Prices are predicted to grow by 21.6% over the next five years, massively exceeding the national average. Despite significant growth, prices are still lower than most areas in the UK. Low property prices combined with increasing rents will ensure any property investment will prove very attractive.

    Leeds also benefits from extraordinarily high rental demand, which is projected to only increase. Leeds also has one of the largest student populations in the UK, with 30% of its students remaining in the city after graduation. It’s no surprise Leeds is experiencing such a high influx of rental demand, as it’s becoming a magnet for businesses and young professionals.

    • 798,786

      Met. Population
    • 5.8%

      Rental Yields
    • £64.6 BN

    • £246,833

      Average Property Price

    Covering the equivalent of 350 football fields!

    Largest City Centre Project

    Leeds is currently undergoing one of Europe’s largest city-centre rehabilitation projects, covering the equivalent of 350 football fields. A record-level, £500 million investment proposal has been authorised, aimed at doubling the size of Leeds city centre.

    The South Bank project is on course to transform Leeds into a cultural, leisure, and commercial melting pot. It will not only double the size of the city centre, but it will also bring in a prosperous number of job opportunities and, as a result, economic growth. It will see the introduction of new skyscrapers, residential blocks, offices, and shops will draw even more tenants to the centre.

    Key Regeneration Schemes

    • Leeds Train Station£500M

      Leeds train station has become a gateway hub of international significance. Most notably, the project included a new interchange for people changing trains, to cater for increased capacity as Leeds becomes a popular business hub. The new station has become a driving force to support the huge economic growth of the city.

    • Leeds South Bank£210M

      This mammoth project aims to double the size of Leeds city centre. Spanning the size of 350 football pitches, Leeds will be transformed into a ‘globally distinctive’ destination for living, learning, creativity, leisure, and investment. It is expected to create 8,000 new homes and 35,000 new jobs.

    • Climate Innovation District £250M

      The Climate Innovation District is a powerful response to the climate crisis. It will turn an unappreciated area of Leeds into a green, mixed-use neighbourhood of 516 low energy homes with integrated amenities for everyday life. The district will become a world-class exemplar of smart, urban living.

    The Home of

    Finance & Digital Technology

    Leeds is already home to countless industry giant’s headquarters, including Asda’s National Headquarters, Sky, KPMG, Call Credit, and recently Channel 4.  The city is particularly well-known for its digital start-ups, with over 1,350 digital enterprises currently operating in the vicinity, employing over 10,000 people. For many financial and technology companies, locating to Leeds is a no brainer.

    Fourth Largest

    UK Student Population

    Leeds has been and remains a powerhouse of UK higher education. With five universities and the fourth largest student population in the UK, it attracts an enormous pool of young and ambitious talent.

    The University of Leeds, one of the largest in the UK, has more than 38,000 students. As a member of the Russell Group, Leeds is ranked in the top 100 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2021. Furthermore, Leeds is placed in the Top 35 International Universities in the world in 2020 with students from an impressive 170 different countries.

    On top of these impressive statistics, the University of Leeds is in the Top 5 most targeted Universities by graduate recruiters in the UK, a testament to the calibre of graduates. As the city’s economy continues to grow and diversify, its student retention rates improve. Currently, Leeds retains 30% of its high-profile graduates providing evidence of the city’s desirability as a place to live and work.

    Leeds Investment Guide

    For some of the most exciting investment opportunities in the UK, it does not get much better than Leeds. Huge regeneration projects are underway and the city is already feeling the benefit. Discover why Leeds is the ideal market to invest in. Enquire below to receive your Leeds investment guide.

      Leeds Investment Guide

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