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    Fast Growing City

    'Canary Wharf of the North'

    Manchester is well and truly cementing its position amongst the best. Manchester consistently ranks as one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK, both in population and in its economy. From its extensive regeneration projects to its growing young professional population, Manchester presents ample opportunities for investors to sink their teeth into.

    Above all, Manchester is a fantastic place to live. On several occasions, Manchester has been credited as being one of the most desired locations to live in the UK. Whether it’s nightlife, history, music, or culture – Manchester has a handful of activities to choose from.

    The city is bursting with energy and excitement. The centre is jam-packed with restaurants and bars, as well as museums and galleries. You would struggle to believe you could experience such quaint market towns and traditional pubs within walking distance of a vibrant city centre.

    • 28.8%

      House Price Growth by 2025
    • 67% Higher

      Rental Yields than London
    • £62.8BN

      Largest Economy Outside of London
    • 95,000+

      Students with 43% Graduate Retention Rate

    Amongst Investors Manchester has Achieved

    World-Class Status

    Achieving world-class status amongst investors, the Manchester property market is booming. It ticks every box for a potential investment. Below average property prices, high rental yields, and rising house prices have all put Manchester at the top of the investor catalogue. Wherever you look, Manchester is filled with beaming statistics. Manchester’s property market generates some of the most attractive investment opportunities in the UK, with rental yields averaging 8.34% under several postcodes.

    One of Manchester’s biggest selling points is its property price growth. Nearly doubling the national average and 12 times higher than London, Manchester is expected to see a growth of 28.8% by 2025. The level of growth Manchester is experiencing is exceptional. Having recently undergone a property boom, Manchester is outperforming the rest of the UK, with the fastest house price growth in 14 years. To put it simply, the Manchester property market is skyrocketing and is showing no signs of slowing down.

    The City Boasts

    Endless Business Opportunities

    Commonly known as the capital of the North, Manchester has a reputation as a competitive place to do business. Talent-hungry corporations choose to move to Manchester to access its rich talent pool. One of the main reasons rental demand is so high in Manchester is because there are so many business opportunities. Big or small, and in every sector, Manchester has huge appeal to young professionals looking to seize opportunities in the big city.

    The graduate retention rate is also one of the highest in the UK – with nearly half choosing to stay in the city after graduation. Therefore, the city benefits from a strong pipeline of young professionals who have graduated from one of the city’s many, prestigious universities. This is extremely attractive to businesses and explains why so many are announcing their relocation to Manchester.

    MediaCityUK is one of the most noteworthy presences in Manchester. Home to big names such as BBC and ITV, MediaCityUK has been a huge selling point for those looking to enter media and tech-based careers. Property investors have seen increased demand around the Salford Quays area, for this reason. These apartments are also averaging up to 8% rental returns, making them even more appealing.

    Employers Attracting Skilled Professionals

    Regeneration in Manchester

    Regeneration plays a huge part in the potential growth of your property. In Manchester, there are several budding areas that have come a long way since they have been revamped.

    The creation of MediaCityUK has been a huge part of this growth. Once a derelict industrial dockland, the area is now one of the biggest media headquarters in the UK. Spinningfields is also a prominent regeneration project. Frequently known as the ‘Canary Wharf of the North’, the £1.5 billion project is now home to the tallest building in Manchester. The development took place over three decades and now houses over 150 world-class financial and commercial organisations.

    A Driving Force in City Growth

    Without a doubt, this has been a driving force in the growth of the city, providing the city with the international recognition it deserves. For property investors, regeneration projects on this scale will have a direct impact on property price. Hence, Manchester’s prices have increased by a staggering 344.59% over the last 20 years.

    • MediaCityUK£1bn

      MediaCityUK, the media giant and business hub, will double in size following a £1bn regeneration project spanning over the next 10 years. The project will introduce 10 new buildings, 2,000 residential apartments, and 540,000 sqft of high-quality office space, retail, and leisure facilities.

    • Spinningfields£1.5bn

      Dubbed the ‘Canary Wharf of the North’, Spinningfields has been home to much of Manchester’s financial businesses and restaurant scene. Spinningfields has been designed to be Manchester’s “central business district”, a reputation propelled further as key figures such as PwC, Deloitte, HSBC and Barclays host operations there.

    • NOMA£800m

      NOMA holds the reputation as being one of the biggest development projects in the whole of the North-West. It has completely transformed some of North Manchester’s most neglected areas, creating new business offices, hotels, and public spaces. The Co-operative Group moved their head office to the new One Angel Square, a unique building that has become the iconic centrepiece of the NOMA project.


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    Manchester Investment Guide

    Investors from all over the world are flocking to Manchester to seize its property investment opportunities as the city grows at an unparalleled rate. Don't miss out! Request our investment guide today to find out why Manchester should be your next investment.

      Manchester Investment Guide

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