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    Wales is a small country bordering England. Not only is it home to some of the nations most beautiful coastlines and mountain peaks, but Welsh people are known for being some of the friendliest in the UK.

    With a population of 3.5 million people, Wales makes up 4.8% of the UK population. And, if you times that number by four, you’ll have the number of sheep that live in Wales!

    The Largest City in the Country and the 

    Capital of Wales

    Cardiff is the capital of Wales and also the largest city in the country. Whether you’re after some diversity and culture or some rich and illustrious history, Cardiff has it all. Most famously, Cardiff is home to Wales’s most photogenic and well-preserved castle – Cardiff Castle. There are only six other cities in Wales, including St. Davids which has a population of just 2,000 – the smallest city in the UK.

    Wales may be small, but it’s home to some of the largest mountain ranges in the UK. Most famously, Mount Snowdonia. Peaking at 914m, it’s the highest mountain in Wales. Home to over 600 castles, six UNESCO World Heritage Sits, breath-taking scenery, and multiple national parks, you will not be short of places to visit in Wales.

    The Country Boasts

    Large Scale Growth

    Wales has risen from the rubble of the industrial revolution and has seen large-scale growth in the country ever since. In 2020, Wales saw the highest yearly house price growth of the four UK nations. Also, the pandemic has promoted a surge of demand in areas with more open space and scenery which thankfully, Wales is brimming with.

    A Booming

    Tourism Industry

    Also, tourism draws in significant amounts to the Welsh economy. Attracting 30 million visitors each year, on top of £100 million-plus being invested into the tourism industry, these numbers are only set to increase. With the country prospering in recent times,  property prices remain some of the cheapest in the UK, it is certainly worth considering when investing.

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